Sunday, September 24, 2017

Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study released

We are very pleased to release the Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study, which is a follow-up to our Global Cryptocurrency Study.  

The full blockchain report PDF can be downloaded here

Presentation slides with approximately 100 figures and tables from the study can be viewed and downloaded here.

122-page report presents a systematic and comprehensive picture of a rapidly evolving industry, examining how blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are being used in the public sector and enterprise. The study analysed non-publicly available data gathered from over 200 central banks, other public sector institutions, DLT start-ups, and well established companies. The study explores targeted use cases, emerging revenue models, timing of deployment, and key challenges.

Study highlights include: 

  • which protocols central banks and are testing (57% of surveyed central banks are experimenting with the Ethereum codebase)
  • The number of enterprise DLT startups has trebled since 2014, from 37 to at least 115
  • Approximately 47 per cent of all enterprise DLT startups are based in North America (primarily in the US), followed by Europe (28 per cent) and Asia-Pacific (19 per cent)
  • Banking and finance account for 30 per cent of publicly reported DLT use cases, followed by government at 13 per cent, insurance at 12 per cent and healthcare at eight per cent
  • “Immature” technology is still considered one of the key challenges to broader DLT adoption
  • There is significant public sector DLT activity at the local, regional, national and multilateral institution level
  • 58 per cent of public sector institutions (excluding central banks) have planned advanced DLT trials this year compared to only one quarter of central banks; 42 per cent of central banks cannot yet predict when trials might begin
  • Only limited network and application deployment has been observed to date: the vast majority of users are experimenting with small-scale, isolated networks
We hope you find the study findings useful, and as we will be benchmarking the cryptocurrency industry on annual basis we very much welcome your suggestions and feedback.