Dr. Garrick Hileman

Economic Historian at the London School of Economics, Founder of MacroDigest

Bio: Dr. Garrick Hileman is best known for his research on monetary innovation and he is frequently sought as a speaker on this and other topics. Garrick is regularly invited to share his research and perspective with the media, including the BBC, CNBC, FT, WSJ, Sky News, and NPR. He was recently ranked as the 34th most influential economist in the UK & Ireland.

Garrick's teaching at the London School of Economics has focussed on comparative national economic performance. His 
other research interests include: systemic risk, sovereign debt, financial crises, black markets, financial repression, and innovation. 

Garrick is the founder of MacroDigest, which employs a proprietary algorithm and a team of human editors to cluster trending economic news, analysis, and perspective. MacroDigest is supported by the Centre for Macroeconomics and has received praise from influential economists such as Brad DeLong and Tyler Cowen.

Prior to turning to academia Garrick worked for 15+ years in the private sector with both start-ups and established companies such as Bank of America, The Home Depot, IDG, and Allianz. He previously co-founded and led the investment team for a $300 million San Francisco-based tech incubator. He also worked at Montgomery Securities 
in both equity research and corporate finance, where he executed over $1 billion in M&A and underwriting transactions.

Garrick has served on the boards of directors of both publicly traded and private companies. He has worked or consulted in a wide range of industries, including banking, technology, online media, specialty finance, insurance, business services, retail, non-profit, education, and government.

Garrick’s non-profit work includes serving as a Big City Mountaineers guide for at-risk urban teens on backcountry excursions in the Sierra Nevada. He also was a founding member of the record-setting PolarVision expedition, which raised funds and awareness for sight-related charities.

For more information please see Garrick's CV or contact him by email.