Garrick has been regularly commenting on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology developments on television and other media since 2013. He also comments on a wide range of topics beyond bitcoin, including the Eurozone crisis, sovereign debt sustainability, reserve currencies, and the 'annoying' halfpenny

Below are a selection of past interviews. More recent media activity is shared on Twitter.


BBC interview on China bitcoin regulation

CNBC interviews on China outlawing banks from transacting bitcoins, the China-Bitcoin paradox, and various risks faced by bitcoin

Sky News television interview about whether the bitcoin bubble has burst


FT interview on UK pro-bitcoin regulatory and investment policies

WSJ interview on impact of Chinese bank restrictions on bitcoin 

AP interview on latest developments in the Greece-Eurozone crisis

NPR interview on bitcoin and the food economy

Bloomberg feature on Garrick's Bitcoin Market Potential Index

BBC interviews on bitcoin regulationmedia coverage, and technical issues

South China Morning Post interview on bitcoin technical issues

The Verge interview on bitcoin's resiliency

Trade Publications

Central Banking interview on Ecuador's new mobile payments platform

StrategicRisk interview for profile of bitcoin risks and opportunities

American Banker interview on Ripple's integration of two U.S. banks

LexisNexis interview on will regulation make bitcoin less attractive

SNL interview on impact of regulation on bitcoin

Tech Page One interview on what will it take for bitcoin to go mainstreamm


BBC World Service interview over the significance of recent bitcoin woes

BFM interview on bitcoin opportunities and threats 

Voice of Russia interview on the likelihood of bitcoin becoming a major currency