Policy and Academic Conferences


2019 Global Blockchain Policy Forum (OECD) World Economic Forum central bank digital currency workshop (OECD) Financial Stability Board - Financial Innovation Network (OECD) European Forum for Innovation Facilitators (European Banking Authority)

2018: Financial Stability Board - Financial Innovation Network (Milan) World Economic Forum financial services innovation workshop (London) Digital Assets Workshop (OECD)

2017: CIA Digital Economy Roundtable (Washington D.C.) Bank of England Technology Fortnight lecture (London) Financial Stability Board - Financial Innovation Network Meeting (San Francisco) European Capital Markets Institute (Brussels)

2016: U.S. Army Special Operations Command - Futures Forum (Fort Bragg)

2015: Federal Reserve Virtual Currency Conference (San Francisco) Commonwealth Central Bank Governors Meeting (Lima) U.S. Army War College lecture (Carlisle)

2014: Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (London) Fraud Advisory Panel (London) 

2013: U.S. Naval War College (Newport) International Association of Deposit Insurers Conference (Bank of International Settlements)

INVITED ACADEMIC CONFERENCES and WORKSHOPS - Presentations and Program Committees

2019: First International Conference on Mathematical Research for Blockchain Economy (MARBLE) (Santorini) 5th International Workshop on P2P Financial Systems (European Central Bank)

2018: 4th International Workshop on P2P Financial Systems (Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank)

2017: 4th Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research (Malta) Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Annual Conference (Cambridge) European Historical Economics Society Conference (Tübingen)

 Federal Reserve Conference on Monetary and Financial History (Richmond Fed) WSBI-ESBG Financial History Workshop (Brussels)
3rd Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research (Barbados) Taxation in the Digital Age: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (Bank of Italy) Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Annual Conference (Cambridge)

2015: P2P Financial Systems (Bundesbank) 2nd Workshop on Bitcoin Research (Puerto Rico) 

2014: Free Market Forum (Indianapolis) 1st Workshop on Bitcoin Research (Barbados) 

2013: Economic History Association Annual Meeting (Washington D.C.) European Historical Economics Society (London) Ratio Colloquium for Young Social Scientists (Stockholm) Economic History Society Coping with Crisis Conference (Durham) 38th Economic and Business History Society Conference (Baltimore) 9th BETA Workshop in Historical Economics (Strasbourg) Centre for Economic and Business History Workshop (Nottingham) Institute for New Economic Thinking YSI Workshop (Hong Kong) Frontier Research in Economic and Social History Meeting (Edinburgh) 

2012: XVIth World Economic History Congress (Stellenbosch) Association of Business Historians Workshop (Birmingham) Princeton Woodrow Wilson School-LSE Public Policy Conference (London)