The Bitcoin Market Potential IndexIn Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Bitcoin Research in Association with Financial Crypto 15, Puerto Rico, Springer
           Rankings  Methodology Q&A  Media: Bloomberg, CoinDesk

From Bitcoin (BTC) to the Brixton Pound (B£): History and Prospects for Alternative CurrenciesIn Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Bitcoin Research in Association with Financial Crypto 14, Barbados, Springer

Working Papers:

Currency Black Markets and Historical Turning Points: ‘Free’ Sterling in New York and Switzerland in the 1940s 

“Origins and Measurement of Financial Repression: The British Experience”

“The Financial Repression Index”

 Work in Progress:

“Bitcon’s Blips and Breaks: Turning Point Analysis of High-Frequency Bitcoin Price Data”

“A Brief History of Cryptocurrencies” with Andrew Miller and Nick Szabo

“A $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity? Market Potential Assessment Framework for Distributed Ledgers”

Other Writing:
Report “Bitcoin: risk factors for insurance” with Jerry BritoPeter van Valkenburgh, and Satyaki Dhar, May 2015, Lloyd's of London 
Article "Buying into Bitcoin", Feb. 2014, Project Syndicate  
Article "Why Lower Bitcoin Price Volatility is No Panacea", Feb. 2014, CoinDesk 
Reports "State of Bitcoin and Blockchain" quarterly reports, Feb. 2014 - present, CoinDesk
Book Review Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius, Dec. 2011, LSE Book Reviews