Thursday, February 15, 2018

Introducing Mosaic - our solution to the #1 problem plaguing cryptoassets

After months of hard work Mosaic is out of stealth mode and we are happy to share our solution to the #1 problem plaguing cryptoassets.

Excerpt from my article:

Overall, while investors are flocking to digital assets, this new asset class currently lacks reliable research and data, featuring both accountability and transparency.
While there are some excellent books and blogs on the technology, and critical media coverage is expanding, there remains very little in the way of timely and rigorous:
  • fundamental analysis of project teams and their track records 
  • quantitative analysis of adoption and community traction 
  • technical road-map risk assessment 
  • market opportunity estimation 
  • assessment of other key areas that will influence the value of the rapidly expanding universe of cryptoassets
But the problems facing cryptoassets aren't limited to the lack of reliable research and data. We also see a significant opportunity to improve the cryptoasset user experience. In other words, to be useful reliable research and data must also be presented in a clear and easy to comprehend format, and also easy to access via an intuitive user interface.

For more information on how we are addressing these problems, and to learn more about our protocol and network, please visit Mosaic.